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About Us

Georgetown Pharmacy is proud to have professional pharmacists in the team who are experts in direct patient care services – more specifically in helping fulfill the medication therapy management prescribed by the physician. We focus on promoting positive healthcare outcomes and we believe that accurately dispensed medications and properly selected medical equipment play a crucial role in the patent’s overall recovery. We know pharmacy products well and have been in this line of work for many years.

One other specialization that our pharmacists have become widely recommended for is in Compounding. Compounding is the art of preparing prescription medication for specific medicinal uses. This usually involves the areas of BHRT or Hormone Replacement, Hospice Care, Pain Management, Pediatric Medicines and even Veterinary Drugs. If your health requires special attention, you will definitely get the ace-level of customer care that only Georgetown Pharmacy can give.

Our pharmacists can also assist you in finding and purchasing specially fitted medical supplies and equipment. From complex diagnostics medical equipment to a full spectrum of mobility assistive devices, you know you will find just what you need at Georgetown Pharmacy. Medical supplies and healthcare equipment may also be rented upon request.

For more information about our pharmacy, please call 302-856-2828 / 302-945-7979.

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