Georgetown Pharmacy: 302-856-2828

Longneck Pharmacy: 302-945-7979


Our pharmacy has the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities that enable our staff to compound specialty medication.

tablets, pestle and mortar

With compounding, you can get the best quality in custom meds assuring you of a positive outcome in your medication treatment. Compounded medications can be curtailed for your preference at affordable charges and can be prepared for the following purposes:

  • Flavored Medicine for Pets
  • Non-Commercially Available Medications
  • Combining Medications / Active Ingredients
  • Specialized Topical Wound Care
  • Sterile Dosage (Injections or Eye-Drops)
  • Topical Pain Medication
  • Dental Care Compounding
  • Palliative Care Compounding
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Specific Physician-Prescribed Dosages
  • Podiatry Compounding
  • Oral Sprays and Topical Medications

Call in to place your orders – 302-856-2828 / 302-945-7979. We are always happy to serve you at Georgetown Pharmacy.

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