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Special Packaging

Georgetown Pharmacy offers Specialty Medication Packaging that will make Medication Management so much more convenient. We simplify the often complex challenges of keeping up with multiple prescriptions. You don’t necessarily have to organize all those meds yourself, we can do that for you at Georgetown Pharmacy.

Our pharmacists can pre-pack your meds and label them according as to when you should be taking which medication and how much. In many ways, organized labeling can make a whole lot of difference in effective compliance of medication therapy plans.

We can even customize your packaging to your specific preference – a unique solution for every customer’s unique needs.

  • Pillow Packs with Large Labels (containing multiple meds)
  • Travel Packing / Vacation Packing
  • 15-Day or 30-Day Card
  • Bubble Pack (Single / Multiple Prescription)
  • Blister Packs (Single / Multiple Prescriptions)
  • Prefilled Syringes
  • Weekly Caddies

Call in to place your orders – 302-856-2828 / 302-945-7979. We are always happy to serve you at Georgetown Pharmacy.

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